1st Place in Sony World Photography Award

I will never forget 2015. Why? Because it's now official: my Orangutan photo wins 1st Place in the Sony World Photography Award (Indonesia National Award)!

The scale of this award is immense. It's the largest photography competition on the planet, jointly held by Sony and World Photography Organization. And no, this is not "Sony Only" competition. All brand can participate here (which is why it's the largest photo competition in the world). In fact, I shot my photo using a Nikon camera. So yeah, thanks Nikon and Sony!

Here's the link to the official announcement.

That's all great. But you might be wondering...

What's the Prize for Winning in The World's Largest Photo Competition?

Well, they don't give me only one prize. They gave me 3 prizes! Here come the first one.

1. Exclusive 5 Nights Trip to London, UK

The award ceremony will be held in London, UK. FYI, I’ve never been to London or UK before. To be here for the first time to receive an award from the world's largest photography competition will make this trip unforgettable!

But the award ceremony will only be one night. What am I gonna do on the rest of the day? Photo tours! Sony is kind enough to lend us some photography equipments that they haven't released and let us play with them. Here's a sneak peek of our itinerary.

The Photo Tour will happen before the Exhibition and Award Ceremony. After the tour, the winning photographs will be displayed for public viewing at the Somerset house from 24 April to 10 May. Here, people all over the world can see the winning photographs. You can buy a ticket from the Somerset House's website. Let me know if you plan on going there!

The award ceremony will be in the form of exclusive Gala Dinner. Photographers, publishers and media will all be there during the awarding ceremony. Since this is a formal event, we are required to wear proper Tuxedo for the awarding ceremony. I'm starting to think this is like a Grammy or Oscar award but it's for photographers!

The next prize is something that you should be expecting.

2. Sony a7s Mirrorless Camera and Carl Zeiss 24-70mm Lens

It would be awkward for Sony if they are not giving any camera and lenses to the winning photographers. I love camera gears and I wouldn't mind getting some (expensive) ones for free! Here's some pictures of my 2 new babies, brand new, still in the box.  

What's so special about the camera and lens? First, the Sony a7s is currently Sony's top of the line model. It's the most expensive camera that they sell out there. It's also amazing for night photography because of its high ISO capability. Heck, some people even say that this would be the camera that even Batman will use!

The lens is a good match for the camera as well. Carl Zeiss is highly regarded as a top notch lens manufacturer from Germany. The one that rivals the mighty and expensive Leica. I'm super excited to try what this combination can do and I will be taking this camera to London for sure!

As a final note, I’m EXTREMELY happy and excited with this award! Words can’t explain how happy I am at this moment.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have supported me on my photography journey. I know it can be hard traveling with a photographer who often slows you down during our travel together but I hope in the end, you'll think it’s worth it!

A huge thank you to Sony and World Photography Organization for giving me this prestigious award. Selecting the winner out of hundreds and thousands of entries is no easy feat and I feel very honored to receive this award. I hope this award will inspire other photographers and motivate me to pursue my photography passion further!  

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