Bronze Award in Better Photography Photo Contest

I recently got two Bronze awards for my photographs from the Better Photography's Photograph of the year photo contest. The first award goes to the "Peacock Dance" photograph. It is one of my first ever wildlife photo. I just couldn’t resist to photograph the colorful feather of this beautiful male peacock when he was doing his mating dance.

Even though he was unsuccessful in getting the female’s attention, at least he got my attention and a Bronze Award from Better Photography! Here's the photograph and the award certificate.

The Peacock Dance
Untitled photo

The second one is called "Railroad Friendship." I took this photo at an old and abandoned railroad station in Surabaya called Sidotopo. People are still living here and some of them even raise their kids here. The kids formed a very strong friendship bond even though they are living in a very harsh environment. Below is the photograph and the certificate.  

Railroad Friendship
Untitled photo

I'd like to thank you to all the juries and staff from Better Photography. You've definitely made a peacock and a bunch of kids happy!

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