Silver Award in Better Photography Photo Contest

After getting two Bronze Awards, I got a Silver Award from Better Photography's Photo Contest. The photo is called "Tenganan Barbecue." I shot this photo at Tenganan Village, one of the most traditional village in Bali, Indonesia.

What's special about this village is that the people here still maintain the traditional way of life. I was here when they have their annual bull sacrifice festival. They celebrated the festival by killing a bull, cook its meat and share the meat with the whole village. Here's the photograph that I took that shows the grand scale of the cooking that they had to go through.

Traditional Barbecue at Tenganan Village

And here's the official certificate from Better Photography Photo Contest. Again, I'd love to thank the juries and everyone at Better Photography for giving this award to my photograph. I've really enjoyed being in the contest and learned a lot from all the juries and participants.

Untitled photo

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