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Hidden Earth Book Publication by National Geographic

After the great success of the "Rarely Seen" book publication, National Geographic decided to launch a special edition book called "Hidden Earth." And they wanted my photograph to be there again!

Here's the book description from National Geographic:

"Extinct butterflies, precious jewels, stunning meteorites, an underwater sculpture garden: from one marvel to the next, Hidden Earth unveils a dazzling cache of seldom seen visual wonders. Fascinating stories, wrought with beauty, mystery, and joy, are paired with once-in-a-lifetime moments, natural wonders, and little-seen objects from the far reaches of the globe. Some highlights include:

* Man made and natural phenomenon

* Sights, scenes, and artifacts rarely seen

* Stunning photography"

Again, I'm always proud to be published by National Geographic. In this book, the "Orangutan in The Rain" photograph will be available in the introduction section. You can see the book cover below and get a copy of it online. As usual, if you have a copy and manage to meet me in person, I'd be happy to give you my autograph on the book!

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