Top Photo Submission Award in Street Theme

Besides travel, one photography genre that I'm very passionate about is street. Whenever I have the time, I always hit the street and bring my camera along with me. I always feel so alive whenever I do street photography. It's like I can absorb all the energy from my surroundings. I also loved the interactions and the stories that I can find by interacting with random people on the street.

That being said, I had lots of street photographs collections that I am very proud of. This time, two of them made it to the top submission list in Sony South East Asia's monthly photo contest. I took the first one in the Pabean Market and the second one in Keputran. Both of them are in my hometown, Surabaya. Here are the two winning photographs.

  • Strolling Through Pabean Market
  • Gotong Royong: Working Together for a Common Cause

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