"Hua Shan Chess Pavillion" Published in National Geographic's Spectacle Book

A photograph that Andrew took at the most dangerous mountain in the world is now published in National Geographic's new book, "Spectacle: Rare and Astonishing Photographs."

Here's the story of how he took the photo.

Andrew climbed Mount Hua back in 2011 when he was still studying for my master's degree in China. He was visiting Xi An to see the terracotta warriors during one of the breaks. He had one extra day to kill and didn't know what to do.

So, on a taxi ride, he asked a taxi driver what to do to kill the extra day. The Taxi driver recommended him to climb Mount Hua (In Chinese it's called Hua Shan. "Shan" means mountain in Chinese).

He thought it was an easy mountain to climb and so he didn't do any research on the mountain and just asked the driver to drove him there.

When he arrived there, he was shocked to see the difficult paths he had to take to get to the mountains' top. The staircase's inclination is almost 90 degrees, and your safety net is the two iron chain on both sides of the staircase.

Below is a picture that illustrates the Hua Shan climb.

Untitled photo

After climbing endless staircases, he finally got to the top of the mountain. Out of breath and still trembling from the climb, he saw a beautiful, lone, chess pavilion surrounded by the majestic and dangerous mountain hills. 

His tiredness suddenly were gone. He picked up his camera and took some shots of the majestic sceneries. Below is his favourite shot.    

Hua Shan Chess Pavilion

Andrew learned that Hua Shan is a sacred place in the Taoism religion. People often look for inspiration and enlightenment in this mountain. The Chess Pavilion is a special place in Mount Hua because Taoists' leading thinkers met to play chess and have a philosophical discussion.

He was glad that he did that dangerous climb and saw this rare beauty that I could share with you now.

If you'd like to get a copy of this book, you can do so here. Below are the book description and cover picture for your reference.

"In life, there are certain sights that are as beautiful as they are unforgettable--from a majestic supercell to the secrets of a deep blue ice cave to the world's largest library. These fascinating spectacles shock us in their diversity, their complexity, and their epic scale, bringing us the miraculous beauty of our planet. Featuring more than 200 color images, including acclaimed photography from the National Geographic Image Collection, this volume presents a dazzling array of natural and manmade wonders, unusual phenomena, and amusing curiosities. Each page will enlighten and inspire, presenting our world at its best."

Untitled photo

That's the story for now. I hope you enjoy Andrew's story and we hope you'll enjoy the book. There are plenty of awesome photographs there as well besides Andrew's.

That's all for now and take care!

P.S: Andrew said if you ever met him in person and happen to have the book with you, he'd be glad to give you his autographs on the book! 

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