National Geographic Meet and Greet at La Jolla

Welcome to La Jolla, San Diego's Jewel by the Sea!

My last meet and greet event for National Geographic Fine Art Gallery is in this beautiful town. The gallery is strategically located at Prospect Street and just within walking distance to the beach.

This is what I saw when I arrived there. They were ready for me!

From outside the gallery, you'll hear a beautiful violin sound and when you enter, you'll see Jennifer, the talented violinist playing live during the whole event!

What a joy to have a talented violinist and musician play for you during your event!

The La Jolla gallery is the first National Geographic Fine Art gallery to be opened in the US. It's size is between Las Vegas and Laguna Beach. Not too big and not too small.

Here's what the gallery looked like from the inside. I was able to do my presentation comfortably to quite a large group of people there.               

The space works really well for group photos as well. Matt, the event photographer, had no problem squeezing one person, one couple or one whole family into the scene. Here are some photographs that I took with the fans that I met there.

After doing the presentation about my "Orangutan in The Rain" photograph to the fans and taking pictures with them, it's time for me to do business as usual: signing books and writing dedications!

I want to sincerely thank you for the customers who've purchased my "Orangutan in The Rain" photograph from the La Jolla gallery. I hope my photograph will bring joy and happiness for you and your family!

Last, but not least: a group photo with the entire National Geographic team at La Jolla!

Noticed something special? Yes, the gallery is all run by women! They are all smart, kind, beautiful and powerful!

Thank you for hosting my meet and greet event at La Jolla, for the delicious Mexican food at Puesto and for the cute Orangutan Doll for my son!

I'll definitely cherish this experience for a long time and hope to see you again soon!

Note: Special thanks to Matthew Dimakos from Globalize Productions, La Jolla for taking my professional photos!

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