National Geographic Meet and Greet at Laguna Beach

My next stop after Las Vegas is the Laguna Beach gallery. Located near Hollywood, Los Angeles, the Laguna Beach area is a beautiful art center in the coastline. The world famous Pageant of The Master is located here.

One thing that stood out for me here is the hotel where I stayed at. I stayed at one of National Geographic's Unique Lodge of the World called The Ranch. The Ranch is surrounded with beach on one side and mountain on the other side. The atmosphere and scenery of the Ranch is something that I really enjoyed. Below are some photos that I took while I was at the Ranch.             

After enjoying my short break at the hotel, I quickly headed to the Gallery. The Gallery is smaller compared to the Las Vegas gallery but I really liked the location. It's strategic location made it easy for the gallery to become the focal point of attraction in the area.

Below are some photos of me doing my presentation inside the gallery as well as greeting the fans.

And below is my photo with the Laguna Beach team. Although there were only 4 of them, they managed to handle all the large crowds that came during the event. I was very impressed!

Thank you for all your hard work during the event and for the wonderful Mexican dinner!

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