National Geographic Meet and Greet at Las Vegas

My first meet and greet event kicked off at the largest National Geographic Fine Art Gallery in Las Vegas!

The Gallery is conveniently located at the Forums Shoppe at Caesars which is a main tourist attraction in Las Vegas.

Everything was very well prepared when I got there. Posters were put in front of the gallery and refreshments were ready to be served during the event. I was very excited!

As soon as the event started, crowds of people came to the gallery non-stop and I had to greet them and tell them stories about my "Orangutan in The Rain" photograph.

I had a lot of fun meeting with such wonderful people from all over the world who came to see my photograph. I never knew that a single photograph can unite so many people together. Below are some photos of me doing the presentation and greeting the fans at the gallery.

Next, for the customers who purchased the prints, I wrote dedications and gave my authentic signature on the Rarely Seen National Geographic book in which my "Orangutan in The Rain" photo was published.

It was my first time doing a live book signing but I really enjoyed every minute of it. Giving my best wishes to the customers who purchased my prints just felt so special.

And here's the full team behind the Las Vegas National Geographic Fine Art gallery who made this event so successful. Thank you so much for all your hard work during my meet and greet event. You are awesome and I can't wait to be back soon!

Andrew Suryono

An engineer who became an international award-winning photographer. Besides producing fine art photographs, he loves helping people from all walks of life to discover their passion in life by teaching them photography through online courses and live workshops.

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