Bandung Parahyangan Golf

Written by Andrew Suryono

What kind of place is Bandung Parahyangan Golf? That’s a question that I had in mind before the project. After the project, I realized that I just photographed one of the most beautiful golf course in Indonesia!

Photographing Bandung Parahyangan Golf was a very unique project. They got in touch with me at the beginning of 2021 and everything was all set up. However, the COVID-19 cases kept increasing so we had to postpone the project over and over again because of the situation. Once everything settled down, we finally agreed to commence the project near the end of 2021.

To my surprise, nine months have already passed! I really appreciate the Bandung Parahyangan Golf team’s patience to wait for this project to commence. When I was there, they made sure everything that I asked for was fulfilled which really helps me make this project successful so I’m very grateful for all they did on this project.

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Because there were still many flight restrictions, I decided to drive from my headquarters in Surabaya to Bandung. The drive takes 9 hours one way. I had some reservations about this road trip but it ended up being a really nice experience for me. I got to experience the nicely built toll roads that connect many cities in Java island and got to stop at beautiful rest areas along the way.

Growing up in the Eastern part of Java island, I didn’t know much about the West part of the island. I have never heard of Kota Baru Parahyangan, a city in which Bandung Parahyangan Golf is located. I thought it’s just a small, new city in West part of Java. I had low expectation of this city.

As soon as I arrived though, I was blown away! The main roads reminded me of California, USA, a state where I spent quite some time living in. You can see palm trees everywhere. The commercial and residential areas were neatly organized. There are plenty of great restaurants and activities to do. I was thoroughly impressed! I stayed at Mason Pine Hotel that’s also owned by the Bandung Parahyangan Golf’s group. It’s a beautiful hotel that’s very close to the golf course. Every detail that I saw was very well done.

Next day, I got right to work. I went to the golf course early morning and what I saw blew my mind. This has to be the most beautiful golf course that I’ve ever seen in Indonesia!

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

I knew that Bandung Parahyangan Golf has won several awards as being the best golf course in Indonesia and the most challenging one. But being there and witnessing the scenery was quite different!

One thing that I liked about Bandung Parahyangan Golf is their idea of integrating nature with their course. For instance, you can easily see beautiful paddy fields with farmers working on them with mountains in the distance. You can also see fishermen in the morning trying to catch fish. The place is just surrounded by beautiful nature scenery which will make your golf experience unforgettable.

I spent some time photographing the holes and I can find unique beauty in every hole! To give you an idea, look at the view of the sunrise from Hole 10 below. This is just one of 18 uniqueness that you can see (they have 18 holes + 1 reserve hole in total).

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Their facilities are excellent. Their restaurant serves really delicious food. There are VIP meeting rooms that you can book as well as a private driving range. The restrooms are impeccably clean as well as the locker room. They did a really great job in building and maintaining this place!

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Untitled photo

If you are into golf, please put Bandung Parahyangan Golf on your list of must-play golf courses. I highly recommend them to anyone that loves golf!

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