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Street Photography

I fell in love with street photography shortly after I return to my hometown. Street photography trains you to develop a new set of eyes to see the ordinary things in different lights. And sure enough, after I develop my new eyes, I started to see my hometown so differently!

There are literally hundreds of street photography moments that I've never noticed before happening everyday, waiting for someone to preserve those moments with a camera.

Below are some of my street photography gallery. Most of them are taken in my hometown, Surabaya. Enjoy and I do hope that these photos can give you some street photography inspiration!

-Andrew Suryono

"Everyone loves your shot!"

~ Christopher M. (Vice President of Creative, National Geographic)

Andrew Suryono

International Award winning photographer whose works have been featured in major international publications, museum, galleries, TV and media. He also conducts photography workshop, private and group classes to help ordinary people take great photographs.

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